Social Media Marketing

Build Your Brand with Social Media.

Tell the story of your brand with social media marketing. With social media, your business has a powerful marketing tool at your disposal. Building your brand’s presence through social media posts, engagement and other online media is an important part of any successful business. When used correctly, you can take your business to the next level.

Social Media Marketing Essentials

If you have a business, your online presence is a key component of your brand This can be accomplished by establishing and maintaining a strong social media presence is critical to accurately depict your brand’s story. That is where we come in.

Social Media Management

One of the first times an individual may be exposed to your business is through social media. In today’s changing world, individuals are utilizing the power of social media to quickly determine credibility for a business. That is why it’s very important to ensure your online presence captures your audience’s attention inside your target market.

Social Proof

• 78% of consumers are willing to buy from a company after having a positive experience with them on social media.
• 72% of companies use social media data to make informed business decisions.
• 43% of consumers increased their social media use to discover new products and services in the last year.

Next Level’s insight into cutting-edge, marketing communication has provided our firm and my team an ongoing and strategic marketing strategy. They are experts in leveraging social media, creating unbelievable marketing collateral and advising us on how to most effectively and efficiently utilize these tools. They have an incredible eye for detail and their finished product definitely helps separate us from our competition.

Marty Shapan, Managing Partner — Construction and Real Estate Practice — Kaye/Bassman International

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