How You Can Get Employees to Embrace Social Media

Are you struggling to get those within your organization to support your social media efforts? Well you are not alone! From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies marketers are all hitting the same roadblock. social-mediaHere are a few ways to smash though that block and engage your employees: Define the end goal

  • “Identify how and why social media will be used to meet specific business and brand goals
  • Clearly define realistic, and measurable goals to give your team objectives to pursue

Social Media platforms allow “real-time marketing efforts to supplement larger brand campaigns.” Be able to answer a few simple questions

  • What’s the goal?
  • What are your target audience segments?
  • How does brand voice translate across social channels?
  • What is your brand content strategy?
  • What social media sites should you be using?
  • How often should content be proactively published across each channel?

Consistency is key

  • To ensure content is consistently developed, published, tracked and analyzed, hold weekly/monthly social planning meetings

A few other good tidbits of social media strategy are:

  • Provide new content opportunities and fresh thinking on a regular basis
  • Remind team members of their ability to contribute
  • Make it easy and actionable for team members to contributes
  • Emphasize that company involvement is an important part of your brand presence
  • Add social media links to your email signature


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