Email Marketing

Stay Top-of-Mind with Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to have the highest return on investment and lowest overall cost of any other marketing vehicle. The most cost-effective way to build your business is to increase sales and keep your brand in front of your audiences is creating and sending monthly email marketing newsletters. You need to be where your customers are everyday: their inbox. Your customers check email daily, your candidates are mobile and check email on the go. With email marketing, your message is there, driving your audience directly to your website, your latest news, recent placements, job postings, blog post or your event registrations.

After two decades of helping businesses successfully leverage email marketing, we know how to leverage for your business. We’ve created strategic relationships with the top email marketing platforms and have the technical know-how and design knowledge to create email newsletters that drive results and revenue.

Our team of digital professionals can write, design, create, code and send your email marketing newsletters every month, so you can concentrate on what you do best – sales.

I have over 50 new contacts at my account with whom I need to develop a relationship. I’m using ElectroMail as an immediate way to introduce myself to and build rapport with each of them.


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