Streamline Your Placements with Recruitment Process Videos

Recruiting professionals communicate their process for placing top talent at their client organizations. Top recruiters use the power of videos. The Next Level Marketing Communications team has created a video library for recruiters to share with hiring managers and candidates, saving them time, money and improving their communication process.

Our professionally produced video library includes critical topics such as interview preparation, resignation preparation, successful candidate onboarding, talent retention and more.

How it works

Once you choose and order a video package, we authorize your website domain to play the videos.  We then provide the embedding codes for your web developer to plug into your website. Integration is seamless and quick because everything you need is included in the codes. Our “smart streaming” technology will stream the video using our bandwidth and services to serve up the desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet versions on the fly.

Choose from our extensive video library of key steps in the recruitment process to video-enable your site today.

  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resignation Preparation
  • Your First 30 Days
  • Interview Preparation
  • Candidate Onboarding
  • Winning the War for Talent
  • Components of Relocation
  • Want to Be a Recruiter

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