Having an online presence for small businesses is the key to reaching your customers, both current and

Group of People Connection Digital Device Concept

new. Creating a digital marketing plan will help attract prospects and initiate social engagement. Susan Tucker shares 4 digital marketing efforts that will take your business to the next level, assuming you have setup a website, social media profiles and are gathering email addresses for your business.

  1. Ramp up social media engagement – determine the best social media channel for you and interact with your customers by asking questions to generate comments. Share images, have contests and be creative!
  2. Land social connections to a landing page on your website – a page on your website that will allow future customers to move through the sales process. Offer premium content, special offers, bonus products, etc. to get people to share their contact information.
  3. Implement personalization through content – personalize the content on your page to attracting your target audience. Create personas for your typical buyers and include personal information about them regarding demographics, buying behaviors, interests and pain points.
  4. Retarget your advertising – after a prospect leaves your website without making a purchase, you can retarget your advertising to them by showing an ad for your business thanks to an algorithm.
    Follow these tips to stay ahead of your competition and set your small business apart!

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