Our clients love us. You will too.

The NLMarComm team has created new websites for me twice – my current site is the excellent work of the team! They also have managed our social media, blogs, and ancillary marketing materials for both Business development and for internal contests and programs. I’m particularly impressed with their work on our current website and the graphic design work completed.

Peg Newman, Founder and Partner, SRA – Newman Group

We have gotten great support from the NLMarCom team… from designing and building our websites, to creating and managing our newsletters, to laying out the graphics for our compensations surveys, the NLMarCom team has been there each step of the way for all of our needs.  Thanks you!

Mark Stocker, Principal Owner, SANINC

I just wanted to complement the entire NLMarCom team.  Your service always amazes me with its promptness and attention to detail.  You work tirelessly to help us grow and be better.  Your support has been invaluable, for instance you developed our beautiful new website www.jpowersinc.com and helped clean up our LinkedIn company page.  You always go above and beyond the call of duty.  Plus you’re fun to work with!  I had a blast making my training video and filming clips with your team at our annual conference.  In addition to helping us with our branding and image, you help contribute to our bottom dollar. The NLMarCom team sent us a client referral (job order) lead a few months ago and we ended up getting a 1/3 dedicated fee agreement and two placements and a great client!

Thanks to you and your team!


Jennifer Powers, President and Owner, J Powers Recruiting, Inc

The NLMarCom team has been a tremendously valued partner in our ability to connect and communicate with current and prospective clients in a highly-professional manner. Our company has gained its significant market presence largely due to the assistance and collaboration with the NLMarCom team.

Scott Samuels, CEO and Founder, Horizon Hospitality Associates, Inc.

The NLMarCom team has been a tremendously valued partner in our ability to connect and communicate with current and prospective clients in a highly-professional manner. Our company has gained its significant market presence largely due to the assistance and collaboration with the NLMarCom team.

Scott Samuels, CEO and Founder, Horizon Hospitality Associates, Inc.

“I started working with the NLMarcom team hoping to send out a monthly newsletter.  Over the past two years the team has become a critical part of DBI’s success.  We are sending out monthly newsletters with a great response but beyond that, the NLMarCom team has been able to help me write and post timely content to my blog, we worked together to create glossy and impactful case studies each quarter, and have been able to update and enhance all of my marketing materials.  And our relationship is more than their great, actionable, work; I connect with the NLMarCom team to talk about ideas, strategies, and growth steps in my overall marketing plan.

I would not be as recognizable and successful in my market without the help of the NLMarCom team.”

David Brown, President, David Brown International

“The NLMarCom team is very helpful and responsive when it comes to “all things MarCom”!  Whether it be assisting with social media postings, starting a blog, or sending out an electronic newsletter systematically from our database, the team was very knowledgeable and collaborative to help us generate more effective communications with our base of hiring managers and candidates.  This is their “market mastery” and another key benefit of being part of the SRA Network!”

Bob Broady, President, BroadReach Search Partners

“The NLMarCom team has been our “go to” for everything creative. Not only have they redesigned our website and collateral (business cards, letterhead, pocket folders, etc.), but they give us great ideas for our ongoing, client facing materials such as our annual brochures. It’s very helpful to have one creative team we can turn to for a variety of projects and trust that we’re always getting a high quality deliverable.

The NLMarCom team has been extremely valuable to our organization. From helping us create fresh innovative images and ideas for our marketing efforts to assisting with a complete redesign of our brand. The team is extremely responsive to inquiries, questions and setting up meetings for status updates. We’ve been very satisfied with the ideas and work that the NLMarCom group provides us with.”

Stephen Provost, Owner, Prestige Scientific

“The NLMarCom team has had a very positive impact on our business by helping us create a consistent brand presence in our market.  We have been greatly blessed by all their efforts to help us put forth that brand, from helping to design our new logo, updating our website, and improving all of our paper and trade show marketing materials to directing and overseeing our monthly AGRI-SEARCH electronic newsletter.

Consistently trying to improve and take our businesses to the next level is not easy.  As a small firm, we just don’t have the expertise to do everything that needs done, and marketing is an area we needed help with.  That is where the NL MarCom team has played such a valuable role in helping to prod and propel us on our journey by providing innovative, high quality, and consistent marketing materials.

Their ideas and experience in helping us connect to our market and expand the visibility of our company have been superb.  Our website, newsletter, and all of our marketing materials have a freshness and are in sync, which creates more awareness of our AGRI-SEARCH brand.  They helped create an excellent video to tell “our story” and put additional videos for candidates and clients on our website; these were tools we had never before utilized.

As a company, we are very proud of the positive image the NLMarCom team has helped to create and continues to impact.  They have helped us to better position our company in our market and to be more intentional in developing a specific market instead of trying to be all things to all people. In business, there is always a next level of excellence to strive for; we know and are thankful that the NLMarCom team will be there to help us get to our next level.”

David Allen, President, AGRI-Search

“The NLMarcom Team has been amazing to work with. We’ve done multiple websites, marketing programs as well as PR utilizing the entire team.  The work is always done with a high degree of quality and they’ve been super to work with to help us create and grow our brand. I’d say their DNA is all over our growth to allow us to scale to become a multi-million dollar firm.”

Tim Tolan, CEO and Managing Partner, Sanford Rose Associates - Tolan Group

“We developed a deep partnership with the NLMarcom team over the past several years.  They consistently deliver superb service and exceptional work.  We rely on their expertise for our monthly newsletter/brochures, website design, and press releases. This team is the real deal!”

Tim Schmidt, CEO | Neal Hightower, Owner and Managing Partner , Sanford Rose Associates - Schmidt Group

The NLMarCom team is a great marketing and design firm.  Having recently changed our business name, they created a new brand presence for us which we are extremely happy with. They are incredible to work with as they redid our Website from scratch, recreated our Ebook giveaways and designed a whole new branding package for us.  From letterhead to marketing folders/brochures to thank you notes and more, they never got frazzled despite my 100’s of changes. The feedback we are getting on our website is plentiful and positive.  It looks amazing. They also redesigned our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter social media sites and have taken over all our postings. The NLMarCom team is very easy to work with and is always upbeat. We are currently using another service for our newsletter marketing, but once our contract is done with the other service, we will have the MarCom team take over the content. They are now our ‘go to’ company whenever something creative needs to happen.”

Robert Midoneck, President and COO, Velocity Search Group

“The NLMarCom team is absolutely OUTSTANDING at what they do! They helped us develop a fully integrated brand for our search firm, including website, print (cards, letterhead, envelopes), and helped us develop our messaging to the market. They made the process easy and enjoyable, and always exceeded our expectations in every way. We have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback on our branding from clients, candidates, and partners within the recruiting industry. The functionality is top notch and is scalable as we continue to grow and evolve in the future. I give the NLMarCom team my strongest possible recommendation, and will continue to work with him for all of my firm’s marketing needs.”

Jordan Rayboy, President and CEO, Rayboy Insider Search

“The NLMarCom team has been extremely responsive, diligent, and pleasant to work with for our new branding.  We finally have a “new” website online and while I anticipate we’ll continue to enhance it going forward, this new website is an improvement for us and the NLMarCom team played a big role in getting us over the final humps so that we could launch it.”

Sean Gill, Managing Partner, Conexus Talent Acquisition Solutions

“Just wanted to take a few minutes out of my day to share our recent experiences with the NLMarCom team. We have been working on upgrading our website and the NLMarCom team has been nothing short of being spectacular in guiding and assisting us with the redesign. We reached out to your team to assist us with a very short timeline to convert. I just believe in the SRA support level and want as much as we can possibly put under the SRA support groups, it will make life much easier as we grow. The entire conversion from our old website to our new website and moving our email system, could not have gone easier for us. It happened with very minimal problems and the team was beyond exceptional in their support and response levels. I love my decision to join this phenomenal organization.”

Tom Near, President, NEAR Search Group

“I just want you all to know that the NLMarCom Team did an amazing job on our newsletter and was very patient with me through the process and worked around the clock to meet our deadline as I got many message during off hours. We have received some very positive feedback internally and externally and I am thrilled! Thank you all and great job!”

Jill De Forest, CEO, De Forest Search Group

“The NLMarCom team are, hands-down, the most valuable business partner our firm has worked with in my memory. During the first 2 years of our relationship with the NLMarCom team, we exceeded our top line revenue objectives by 20% and 30% respectively. In large part due to the efforts and expertise of the team, we generated over 200 new inbound leads for search requests and/or candidate leads. I highly recommend the NLMarCom team.”

Benjamin Stocum, President, Delta Diversified

“The Next Level Marketing Communications team helped me not only revitalize our web presence, but was responsive and gave me excellent suggestions along the way. They are friendly and have an easy going manner…I trust them to give me spot-on advice.  Working with the NLMarcom team was a pleasure and with their help our site looks and works great.”

Roger Gaikar, President, Cyber Search West | The Cyber Security Recruiting Experts

“I want to thank your team for an amazing job with our new website. The thought of creating a new site was a bit daunting for me but you came in with great ideas, amazing turn around time, extensive knowledge, and a host of cool samples and tools. I was so impressed!! I would recommend the Next Level Marketing Communications team to anyone who is looking for a crisp, clean and beautifully made site for your customers to visit. I look forward to many more fun projects and partnership opportunities with your team of experts.”

Jennifer Viley, Managing Partner, Vital Professional Services

“Everyone who views the NLMarcom customized recruitment process videos loves them. The videos are a great asset to us right now. Thanks for everything.”

Robert Krzak CPC, CERS, President, Gecko Hospitality

“Darren McDougal and the Next Level MarComm team have exceeded our expectations while creating a new website, managing marketing campaign and helping us establish a new brand with our firm. The implementation strategy that was executed by the Next Level Team showed immediate results with current and prospective clients. We have established more credibility within our specialty areas of recruiting and more importantly as an employer within our local market. Over the last 12 months, our branding and e-marketing campaigns has driven business to our firm with companies we have never worked with in the past. These organizations are contacting us to help them with their talent acquisition needs regularly, which has resulted in revenue that we would not have originally anticipated. 

Our recruiters are engaged and motivated to be associated with our firm like never before and we believe that this is directly attributed to working with Next Level’s MarComm team. We would highly recommend the Next Level team when looking at similar solutions to grow your firm. You will see positive results!”

Chris Fackler, President, Ringside Search Partners

“The Next Level Marketing Communication’s insight into marketing and SEO optimization has been revolutionary!  Being able to turn this segment of our business over to Darren McDougal has been instrumental in Specialty Executives success.  Specialty Executives was looking for solutions to better market our dominance in the Defense and Aerospace search. Let’s face it…if you’re not dominating the web based marketing scene your light years behind your competitors in executive search.

I could see what I wanted but was very limited in my experience with website design to convey this message to Darren.  His team was very patient and worked diligently through many test runs to deliver exactly what Specialty Executives was looking for. The new design encompassed Specialty Executives passion and resolve to “Save Soldiers Lives”.  Specialty Executives looks to Darren’s team monthly to keep us at the forefront of SEO.  Great to have another trusted partner at Next Level Marketing Communications!”

Travis Thomas, President, Specialty Executives

“Working with Darren McDougal and the Team at Next Level Marketing is like having a genius friend guide you through the marketing maze.  They deliver expertise, value and above and beyond expectations project-wide.  It is without hesitation that I recommend the great NLM Team – they would be a valuable asset to your staff for any project.”

Mary Cimiluca, Executive Producer, Noetic Films

“Scott has been doing our graphic design for a couple of years now and his work is fantastic. He is always responsive, prompt and reliable. His design work is creative and innovative and he always manages to create exactly what we wanted even though we often don’t know what that is. I can highly recommend his work.”

Jess Bailey, Owner, The Cruelty Free Shop

“I’ve known and worked with Darren for seven years. He’s an amazing, gifted and talented individual. Great to brainstorm with – very smart and creative. At GetConnect, my current company, we’re engaging Darren to run with our marketing campaign and know it will be remarkable. Very excited to be working together again. I give Darren the highest recommendation for anyone looking to work with him in any way.”

Greg Anderson, President, GetConnect

“Darren is a consummate professional. We worked together on two video projects for Next Level Recruiting Training. Darren did an excellent job of directing the taping process from start to finish, and offered excellent suggestions on content and delivery. My work is better because of Darren’s influence.”

Kent Burns, Founder and President, Simply Driven, LLC

“Darren McDougal’s insight into cutting-edge, marketing communication has provided our firm and my team an ongoing and strategic marketing strategy. He is an expert in leveraging social media, creating unbelievable marketing collateral and advising us on how to most effectively and efficiently utilize these tools. He has an incredible eye for detail and his finished product definitely helps separate us from our competition. He has created some of the most sophisticated systems, intranet, web design, marketing collateral, and branding to both internal and external clients. I believe anyone who is seeking to create or accentuate your brand that Darren’s expertise warranted.”

Marty Shapan, Managing Partner, Construction and Real Estate Practice, Kaye/Bassman International

“Video email (ElectroMail) is high-touch, low-cost communications technology that cuts through the clutter, and a perfect fit for Jackson’s business model.”

Phil Wright, Vice President Marketing Communications, Jackson National Life Insurance

“Darren is absolutely OUTSTANDING at what he does! He helped us develop a fully integrated brand for our search firm, including website, print (cards, letterhead, envelopes), and helped us develop our messaging to the market. He made the process easy and enjoyable, and always exceeded our expectations in every way. We have gotten overwhelmingly positive feedback on our branding from clients, candidates, and partners within the recruiting industry. The functionality is top notch, and is scalable as we continue to grow and evolve in the future. I give Darren my strongest possible recommendation, and will continue to work with him for all of my firm’s marketing needs.”

Jordan Rayboy, President and CEO, Rayboy Insider Search

“We have had a tremendous amount of positive feed back. Our video email message has touched thousands of households in Plano. This has been an unique method of communicating to the voters.”

Ken Lambert, Candidate for City of Plano Mayor, Plano Texas

“Darren is one of the most talented marketing executives I know. He has always been at the forefront in leveraging technology to create high impact messages. He is a valued resource with integrity, leadership skills and a strong work ethic.”

Jim Jeffries, Chairman, M&A Partners

“Darren is a tremendous value-add for any organization. He always maintains great industry knowledge and awareness so the service he provides is second to none. He is fun to work with and always has great attitude and demeanor. Given the chance, I will always choose to work with him!” 

Shane Graham, Partner & Practice Leader, Insurance Practice, Kaye/Bassman International Corp.

“Our competition doesn’t have anything even CLOSE to this (ElectroMail), so it really separates us from them.”

Lou McErlean, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, New Media Gateway

“We’re always on the lookout for innovative ideas for marketing and communicating our event, and this video e-mail invitation fits right in. We were thoroughly impressed. you created a dynamic, attention-grabbing invitation, and in today’s busy world, it’s critical to reach people uniquely to get them to respond”

Rick Baker, President, AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic

“Darren is a complete professional. I really appreciate the time and care he has taken with me and my company to help us through some of our marketing programs. Darren provides extremely high value to us as a customer – always seeking ways to help improve our brand and image. Without question I recommend Darren for any project — you’d be lucky to have him on the team.”

Jon Davis, Director, Matrix Resources

“Among the hundreds of e-mail messages that I get each day, much of it unsolicited junk, a short note that launched in my inbox recently stood out from the rest. I couldn’t resist.”

Alan Goldstein, Dallas Morning News

“I have had several people call to say they were impressed by how easy it was to register for our Nokia Sugar Bow National Championship Event. Your team did a great job and the results show it.”

Ginger Garza, Nokia

“Darren has played a critical role in helping us increase our brand exposure through electronic and print mediums. His knowledge of marketing communications is vast and his thoroughness and professionalism is excellent.”

Jeff Wittenberg, Partner & Chief Leadership Officer, Kaye/Bassman International Corp.

“My business is about time…FACE time and DOWN time. ElectroMail dramatically reduces the down time and increases my face time because it greases the skids of my clients and prospects at every stage of the sales process.”

Regional Vice President, Global Annuities Firm

“I have over 50 new contacts at my account with whom I need to develop a relationship. I’m using ElectroMail as an immediate way to introduce myself to and build rapport with each of them.”

Brian Armstrong, Hewlett-Packard

“Darren is a unique talent. He knows how to effectively communicate to a wide range of audiences with exactly the right tools that always produce the intended result.”

Tim White, Partner, Kaye/Bassman International Corp.

“In my 35 years of sales, I’ve never seen anything work as good as ElectroMail. I was able to touch base with ALL my customers in one day. I received many emails, phone calls and secured a multi-million dollar contract…..all in one day. ElectroMail saved my company thousands of dollars in travel and entertainment, and closed business faster.”

Andy McDougal, Georgia Gulf Corporation

“It was less expensive for us to use ElectroMail versus direct mail to reach decision-makers. Since ElectroMail was more efficient AND more effective, it was an easy decision for us regarding which medium to use.”

Chip Fichtner, Sales and Marketing Director, Viseon Video

“(ElectroMail video marketing) creates a sense of intimacy with employees and key customers that’s only second to being there. It’s an important part of the M&A Partners program.”

Jim Jeffries, Chairman, M&A Partners

“I can’t thank you enough! You have elevated our marketing efforts to a level I never thought we would be able to achieve. The ElectroMails are great!”

Mellie LeMeilleure, Marketing Director, Operation Kindness

“Darren and I have co-worked numerous projects in the offbeat world of new media. His consistently fresh approach to problem-solving, aligned with his in-depth knowledge of web, video and audio has allowed us to present solutions to our clients that are way, way outside the box. As a vendor to Darren, we’ve always appreciated the flexibility in allowing us to submit numerous creative options, coupled with the trust to know that we are firmly in his camp. It makes for an environment where we can can both give and get some pretty amazing results.”

Dane Miller, President and Senior Creative Manager, Azure Marketing Communications, Inc.

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