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Maximize your brand building and create a distinct brand voice through custom blog content. With a staggering 4 billion internet users, now is the best time to incorporate custom blogs into your marketing plan.

The nlmarcom development process

Blog & Content Marketing

Our seasoned team has developed a comprehensive approach to custom blogs that highlights your business’s unique voice and expertise. We’ve outlined our process that is guaranteed to work for your business.

Our approach begins with researching your company’s website, analyzing existing blog content and page analytics, and gaining a deeper understanding of your business’s industry.

This is when we conduct our own research into your business and industry to ensure we accurately capture your brand voice and expertise for your target audience.

After deep collaboration between your business and our team, we develop a blog program that includes the frequency of posts, required content, and potential social media graphics to accompany the post.

Our launch phase involves presenting the blog content to your business for review, making any necessary adjustments, and seeking final approval. Upon approval, we publish the blog post on your website and potentially create dedicated blog landing pages to host a series of posts.  

Our team actively evaluates the success and opportunities of your content marketing blog posts to ensure they are gaining website traffic and helping to generate leads for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

By choosing NLMarCom to create custom blogs for your business, you can be sure that the content will be unique to your site and set your business apart from the competition

Custom blogs improve SEO and drive more traffic. Each custom blog post creates a new landing page that increases the likelihood of ranking on search engines when relevant keywords are used. By ensuring that your blogs are up-to-date and relevant, more people will be inclined to share your posts, leading to increased leads.

Using custom blogs on your website gives your business the opportunity to include important keywords, enhancing your rankings on major search engines.

Following the initial consultation, we collaborate with your business to determine the frequency of custom blog posts, the format of the posts, and gather the required information to align the blog posts with your brand voice.

Blog articles attract the right visitors to your website. When people have questions, they often turn to search engines for answers. Search engines tend to prioritize blog articles over brief answers because they reward websites that provide informative content. As their goal is to provide relevant answers to queries, search engines like Google will direct more traffic to your site if they perceive your expertise as being more relevant.

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