December 5, 2022

3 Email Marketing Goals You Should Stop Ignoring

At Next Level Marketing Communications, we always tell our clients about the importance of email marketing. Some are surprised, most agree and many ask us when they can start crafting their first email marketing blast! Ben Jacobson explains the significance of this decision, “When it comes to brand messaging and audience engagement, social media gets all the attention nowadays, but that’s just because it’s still relatively new. Study after study continues to demonstrate that email is the number one inbound marketing channel for keeping people thinking about you, clicking on your links and buying your products. The Direct Marketing Association in the UK found that over the course of 2013, email yielded revenues totaling 25 times the expenses associated with sending it, which is 16% higher than email’s ROI the previous year.”

According to Jacobson, “Business email traffic now accounts for some 100 billion messages every single day. On the other hand, email’s maturity as a digital marketing channel means that many are using it in outdated ways, or failing to make the most of the newer opportunities that email affords us.” The most common uses for email marketing include keeping subscribers in the loop about your sales promotions, product rollouts, newly published content , blog posts and much more! Here are three email marketing goals that your company can start implementing today:

  1. Listening to Your Audience
  2. Nurturing Relationships Across Channels
  3. Automated Personalization

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What will your first emailing marketing communication be about?

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