January 19, 2023

Women in Marketing

Marge Piecy once said, “A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined not be done.”

Women are at the forefront of our society. If you look around you will notice that women are leaders, game-changers, and innovators in today’s modern world. Every single day, women are leading change that will continue to help shape life, as we know it, for the better.

Inside the marketing world, many women are taking a stand and ensuring their voices are heard and respected. According to LinkedIn1, there has been a rise in the number of female leaders in marketing. The study also highlights the representation of women in the marketing field has risen to over 60%. Women are holding leadership positions in the marketing world at a rising pace and rightfully so.

It is important to showcase the women who are creating growth in the marketing industry and shed light on the outstanding work they are accomplishing.

Kay Hsu – Head of Creative and Design, Partnership Marketing at Facebook

Have you noticed how over the past few years more and more big brands are utilizing Instagram stories to enhance their engagement and marketing efforts? Well, you have Kay Hsu to thank for that. As a Global Instagram Lead2 and now Head of Partnership Marketing for Facebook, Kay has empowered businesses to take advantage of Instagram’s platform to drive consumer engagement. Kay focuses on creating a renowned advertising experience for businesses and creatives alike. Kay has previously provided high-quality work for brands such as Nike, Sony, and TOMS. Her innovation and integrity have allowed her to stand apart as a marketing leader.

Olga Andrienko – Head of Global Marketing at Semrush

Olga Andrienko currently heads the global marketing team at Semrush. Andrienko’s work has included working to expand Semrush’s brand visibility worldwide. Olga’s currently responsible for all branding and funneling marketing activities inside North America, and Europe. She has over 16 years of profound experience in brand management and through her efforts, she has managed to produce 90% year-to-year growth inside 50 markets for the Semrush brand. In 20183, Olga was listed among the 25 most influential women in digital marketing by TopRank and has been featured in renowned publications like Business Insider and the Washington Post.

Katrina Craigwell – Director of Brand Solutions Marketing at Meta

A young pioneer in her field, Katrina Craigwell has worked to drive innovative change at GE and GE digital prior to taking on her current role at Meta. Katrina has helped lead Meta’s drive into VR and has worked to champion women of color inside the marketing sector. During her time at both GE and Meta, Katrina and her team were responsible for dynamic storytelling and building their impact across various digital channels4. Katrina has also worked to oversee marketing for Meta’s brand and video advertising as well as working with various partnerships within product marketing to create solutions driving steady brand growth.

The women that we’ve mentioned are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to women in marketing. There are so many powerful women shaping the industry daily and their accomplishments deserve to be showcased. Here at NLMarcom we are beyond thankful for the women on our team that are trendsetters in every facet of marketing. Connect with our team today to learn how they can move your business forward.


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